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Candy Pill Jewellery

Polly Pocket Collection: Summer Nights

Polly Pocket Collection: Summer Nights

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This collection features jewellery pieces made using broken Polly Pocket pieces remade into something gorgeous and unique! The earrings are as follows clockwise in the first image:

Treasure Chests - Lever gold hoops with faceted yellow star beads, lilac marbled hearts with treasure chest cabochons

Flower Hearts - Purple studs with gold glitter discs featuring yellow flower heart cabochons and faceted purple drop beads

Glitter Shells - on pink and lilac acetate discs with dangly pearlescent beads, gold lever hoops and Polly Pocket princess beads fashioned into beads

Shell Princess - Gold lever hoops, magenta faceted glass beads, gold mirror acrylic hearts and shell princess cabochons

Pink Hearts - Red mirror discs, gold shimmery beads and dark marbled acrylic shells with magenta flower heart cabochons

Pink Stars - Marbled pink discs with gold glitter discs with featuring pink star cabochons and long baby pink drop beads


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