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Candy Pill Jewellery

Gods & Goddess Acrylic Earrings

Gods & Goddess Acrylic Earrings

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White acrylic Gods and Goddesses with engraved and filled details in light blue dangling from gold glitter starburst tops. Some pairs have Gods on the right and Goddesses on the left and some pairs are reversed - they will be picked at random but they're al gorgeous!
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Materials and care

  • Pieces are packed in a standard PIP box and wrapped in tissue paper. Some pieces will come with a velvety gift bag too.

    Acrylic and acetate items are prone to getting scratched so please look after your jewellery by storing separately from other jewellery items. Do not spray perfumes or sprays on or near your jewellery pieces.

    Pieces containing vintage beads and items may have minor imperfections in condition due to their age.

    The metal used in my jewellery is gold or silver plated stainless steel. This may colour over time but can be revived using a soft lens cloth.

  • Shipping Policy

    Items are only available to customers in the UK and Ireland and are shipped with Royal Mail.