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Candy Pill Jewellery

Christmas Kitty Acetate Earrings

Christmas Kitty Acetate Earrings

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This collection was created by repurposing plastic jewellery and making new acrylic goodies! The theme is Christmas and Kitties with the following pieces available:

Teddies and Clocks - on lilac discs with metallic pink stars and multi glitter tops
Pressies and Snowmen - on magenta ovals with white teardrops and red glitter tops
Golden Kitties - White kitties on pink marble discs with yellow star charms and gold glitter tops
Teddies and pressies - on baby pink teardrops from warm mix glitter tops
Double snowmen - on silver glitter discs with cream loops and green glitter tops
Double teddies - on aqua discs with white marble drops and matching tops
Sparkle Kitties - on faceted light blue drops with silver holo glitter tops
Pressie Kitties - on gold glitter discs with pressie charms and white tops

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