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Candy Pill Jewellery

Broken Heart Acrylic Earrings

Broken Heart Acrylic Earrings

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Acrylic broken hearts in a range of colours:

1. Blush frosted pink hearts with red glitter tops
2. Blush opaque pink hearts with a warm mix glitter tops
3. Blush frosted pink hearts with lilac marble tops

4. Tomato red hearts with purple mix glitter tops
5. Flamingo pink hearts with lilac marble tops
6. Tomato red hearts with light pink glitter tops

7. Cherry red hearts with foil confetti tops
8. Cherry red hearts with black sparkly tops
9. Cherry red hearts with white marble tops

10. Magenta hearts with gold glitter tops
11. Magenta hearts with holo silver glitter tops
12. Magenta hearts with multi glitter tops

13. Royal blue hearts with gold glitter hearts
14. Cyan blue hearts with blush pink tops
15. Light blue hearts with bubblegum pink tops

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