Broad shoulders and a Necklace

I want to have a broad shoulder and i think that’s all for now, oh another thing is my weight. I weigh 49kg, and i want it to be at around 47-48kgs. Im not happy with my body right now cause it’s saggy and tired. I want to look fit but too lazy working out. I dont have self discipline you see. Some friends say that im not that big. I dont know, maybe i need to work out a little.

And when i reach my goal then i can show off my shoulders plus this stunning necklace! I so love it and it matches with the models hair!

One thought on “Broad shoulders and a Necklace

  1. Depending on how tall you are I would say that 49kg is just fine! I weigh 46, but I’m really small. I’m only 158 centimetres tall. Perhaps your weight is fine and you just need to tone up with some lunges or something. :) Hopefully you dive on your way to getting the broad shoulders you want! Pretty necklaces will definitely flatter them. :)

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